Changelog version 2.0.7

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Changes, bug fixes, and more for game client version 2.0.7

Changelog version 2.0.6


Changes, bug fixes, and more for game client version 2.0.6 March Locked Name Giveaway!

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We're giving away locked names this March, get in on the action!

Communication, Updates & More


Things are changing around! We wanted to share our future plans here with you.

Changelog version 2.0.0

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Fixed unicode names when inviting people Added new Hunger Games gamemode (Only available in EU beta server for now!) Eight teams of 2 players each battle it out in a preset map.</p> Players start the game with 2k mass each. There is a time limit of 30 minutes. Players will have to wait 10 seconds to respawn again after a death. Mass decay is halved. Viruses act like they do in FFA. The map shrinks...

We’re on Discord!

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2018 Locked Name Giveaway!

| TheEpTic 2018 Giveaway!

Changelog version 1.9.0

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Added a new way to play with your friends on scrimmage: – Create your own lobby to set everything up, choose from up to 3 different gamemode modifiers and 2 different maps Tweaks: – Increased map size on Duel 1v1 – Decreased virus amounts on Duel 1v1 – Standing still on Duel 1v1 for more than 5 seconds incurs a small decay – The chat box is now resizable Bug fixes: – Fixed ejected mass...

Locked name Giveaway!

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This giveaway has concluded, congratulations to the winners! You can still join our Discord below:

Locked Name Giveaway

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The giveaway is now over!  

New forum app for iOS & Android now available!

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  Hey guys!   So guess what? Our forum app is now live on both the App Store &  Google Play Store!   The app is here to make the user experience much better for our forum users. Allowing users to make posts easier and quicker. To check their subscribed forums and keeping up with our blog! There is also a trending tab to find all the hot threads!   You can also get and response...

Taking video submissions for Gota’s YouTube channel!

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  Hello everybody!   This is going to be a short and sweet post. I’d like to announce we are taking video submissions for compilations to go up on our YouTube channel. All submissions will be fully credited in the video’s description and the video has to highlight your best moments. The idea of this is to bring clips of our users best parts and to merge them in to a compilation video.   Bear in...

Gota’s 1 year birthday and forum app!

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For Gota's 1 year birthday we have released a new forum app.

Christmas Subscription Giveaway!

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We're giving away 5 subscriptions for the Christmas season! Learn how to win here.

Beta changelog 1.0.3 and other information

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Beta client change log for 1.0.3

Agarp client version 1.0.x known issues

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Known issues and bug fixes

Hello! Our new website and beta changelog!

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Our new website and beta client release