Hello! Our new website and beta changelog!

Hello people of Agarp! Welcome to our new website and beta release!

With our big beta release, we’ve decided to redesign the website all together making our new blog the home of our announcements! The announcements on the forums will be deprecated which means announcements will not be placed there and all RSS feed grabbers will be dropped from that location (and eventually fully removed). With that said, the forums will stay the main source of bug reporting, general conversation and new ideas! We will continue to develop the forums further than what it is and keep it updated as much as possible!

So with beta now here, we’re proud to announce Windows users now have a .exe they can run out of the box instead of a .jar! You will still require Java to be installed but it will allow users to run the game easier! The updater is also designed to update .exe!

So to beta’s changelog:

We hope you enjoy the new updates to Agarp’s website and game! Countless hours have gone in to this project and it’s been a long journey but we are slowly getting to a stable point!

It’s been an awesome ride and I can’t wait for the countless months I myself and the team get to spend with you guys as a community!


Thank you!