API Reference

Gota.io provides a public API which allows you to get statistics and other cool information. This document serves as a reference to each API call.

Server List

Curl example: curl https://api.gota.io/v1/servers


If ?leaderboard is passed as an argument then the server list will include the current leader board for each server. (The returned array is in order of leaderboard position)

Example Output:

The following requests require an API key to use.

High Scores

Curl Example: curl https://api.gota.io/v1/scores/highscores?server=vendetta

Highscores takes all arguments as GET requests.

Variable Description
server Optional – The name of a server that you want high scores for. Defaults to all servers.
player Optional – The name of the player that you want to get high scores for.
gm Optional – The game mode that you would like high scores for. You can put something such as “free%20for%20all” (replace spaces in URI with %20)

Example Output: