Ranked Season 1

Ranked Season 1

Today will be the start of ranked season 1! There will be three gamemodes per region in the scrimmage servers where players above level 10 can battle it out for rank 1 on our leaderboards and other prizes listed below! Our first season will be starting at 5pm UTC today!

All MMR will be shared across all regions so no matter your region, you'll have the same rank! Your MMR can also be found on your profile.

We wish you all the best of luck and will see you then!


Time Period: November 28th 2018 5:00:00 PM UTC - March 1st 2019 12:00:00 AM UTC February 1st 2019 12:00:00 AM UTC (Ranked will be enabled on Scrimmage servers)

Start times:

17:00pm UTC

09:00am PST

12:00pm EST 


2v2 Classic/Megasplit
1st/2nd: 4 months locked name + 1 chat title ("S1 Champion")
3rd/4th: 2 months locked name
5th/6th: 1 month locked name

1v1 Instant Merge
1st: 4 months locked name + 1 chat title ("S1 Champion")
2nd: 2 months locked name
3rd: 1 month locked name

Participation rewards

All ranked players will be entered in a giveaway, based on the number of victories, for 10 one-month locked names. Each victory in any of the ranked mode counts as one entry.

It is possible to stack the locked name reward from multiple modes, for a maximum of 1 year, 1 months if you win everything. Locked names earned through this reward system cannot be transferred to anyone else, even if multiple locked names are won.

Chat titles replace the default title of "Gold"/"Youtuber"/"Streamer" from locked names. They also persist after the rewarded locked name expires and can be turned off if desired.

Requirements for participating in ranked

A level 10 Gota.io account