Frequently asked Questions

  • How do I get a locked name?
    We give locked names only to Youtubers with 20,000+ subscribers or around 10,000 views per video. You also must make Gota videos and have a significant number of views on those videos. Please connect your YouTube account to Discord through Settings -> Connections before asking for YouTuber rank and or a locked name.
    WE ALSO PERIODICALLY GIVE AWAY LOCKED NAMES: Look out for locked name give aways for a chance to win a locked name!
  • Where can I upload my skin?
    To upload a skin please visit
  • My skin hasn’t been accepted yet, or my skin was denied
    We receive many skin requests per day, and it is difficult to keep up with them all. Please be patient while we get to your skin.
    **Under no circumstances, should you ask a staff member about the status of your skin request.**
    If your skin has been denied then please double check our skin rules here.
  • How can I become a moderator?
    The general rule of thumb is, don’t ask for it. Please wait for a moderator application to come out, and fill it out. We give moderator role based on merit.
    Being a good and helpful person in the community also helps. If we notice your good deeds we may approach you for a moderator role.
    To stay up to date on moderator applications, other news, and to up your chances, please visit our discord at
  • What happened to the Java client?
    The Java client no longer works with the new CAPTCHA system. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • I’m experiencing issues with LAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGG!
    Lag in game can be caused by several different factors. The most common cause is the internet connection between you and the server. Please double check your internet connection, and try other servers/regions before raising it to staff attention.
  • I’ve been chatbanned on a server. What can I do?
    Chatbans come with a warning from GotaJeff. After warned, a server ban will be placed if the rule continues to be broken. Note: Server bans are 60 minutes.
  • I have a report, what should I do?
    DM a Gota Moderator or Gota Admin on our Discord.