Gamemode rules:

  • Max split 16 times, changeable through power ups
  • Every player starts with one consumable slot
  • Activate consumable powers with Q (Default key bind)



These change your player’s properties, like max split count and last until player death. 

Maximum Cell Upgrade Additional Consumable Slot
Increases your maximum cell amount by 16. This can stack up to 3 times. Increases the maximum consumable buffs you can hold by 1. This can stack up to 2 times (Total of 3 max consumable slots).



These apply a timed effect when you eat them.

Merge Grow Speed Guard
Instantly resets all the timers on remerging for your cells and decreases your next merge times by 90% for 12 seconds. Gain up to 1,500 mass over 10 seconds, this is split up between your cells. Doubles your speed for 12 seconds. For 10 seconds, prevents viruses/enemy projectiles from affecting you AND enemies from eating your peices.



These powerups dont do anything passively, but need to be used by the player by pressing the “Spectate Key” (Default: Q). They disappear once used.

Virus Disrupt Teleport
Shoots a virus from the cell closest to your mouse pointer. Your cells need to have at least 100 mass to use this. Shoots a projectile from the cell closest to your mouse pointer. The projectile gives the disrupt debuff when eaten. Your cells need to have at least 100 mass to use this. Teleports your largest cell to your mouse position. There is a max distance you can teleport to prevent abuse.



These buffs have negative effects and dont spawn naturally. Instead, they are spawned by players through the use of a consumable.

For 6 seconds, prevents you from splitting/using a powerup/ejecting mass AND reduces your speed by 50%.




Gives you a random powerup.